Clifford Roberts' Bio

Clifford Roberts was born in Iowa on March 6, 1894, and came to Augusta in the 1920s. Here he developed a friendship with Bobby Jones, and co-founded the Augusta National. Mr. Roberts was associated with this golf course from its inception, its construction and its progress over a period of almost 50 years. He chaired the Augusta National from 1931 to 1976, and chaired the Masters Tournament itself from 1934 to 1976. During this time, he remained true to the fundamentals and the spirit of golf, insisting that the game be preserved as it was and as it remains. Mr. Roberts fostered the development of Bobby Jones' history through interviews, advice, and the instructions of Mr. Jones, himself. In 1976, Mr. Roberts authored The Story of the Augusta National Golf Club. He served on the PGA Advisory Committee from its 1943 inception until his death in 1977. He was made an honorary member of the Golf Writers Association of America in 1976, and was forever enshrined in the World of Golf Hall of Fame in 1978.